BRIGHTON and Hove residents are lucky to have a wealth of Asian restaurants on their doorstep.

While many of these restaurants serve Chinese food, there is also a diverse selection of Japanese, Nepalese and Thai establishments around the city.

One of the biggest events celebrating the influence of Chinese migrants in the city is Chinese New Year, which always sees large crowds gather to enjoy the festivities, food stalls, lion dances and traditional song and dance.

China Garden has been serving locals a mix of Chinese, Cantonese and dim sum cuisine for the past 30 years, making it a restaurant operating at the heart of the community.

Diners can experience sea views from the 150 seat restaurant in Preston Street.

Can you remember eating out there shortly after the restaurant opened all those years ago? What has changed about it since then?

Do you recognise the members of staff pictured above in China Garden or know Sandra and Sundiep?

The restaurant left, called Chung To, remains a bit of a mystery to us at The Argus.

We have no other information about the location of this restaurant, who its owners were or when it opened and closed down for good, so if anyone wishes to enlighten us please get in touch.

Monks can be seen above sitting in one of Brighton’s long-standing Thai restaurants, which has built up a great reputation with diners.

Do you know the family who own the restaurant, some of whom can be seen above?

Perhaps you can tell us why there were monks in the restaurant at the time the photo was taken?

The chefs there focus on creating a cuisine full of herbal flavours which distinguishes it from other Asian countries.

Another Chinese restaurant that has stood the test of time is Chopstick Express in Baker Street, which serves a mixture of Chinese and Thai dishes.

Do you recognise the pair pictured above in Chopstick Express?