FOR those who enjoy soaking up the sun with a cold beverage in hand, Brighton is the ideal city to visit.

Revellers can be seen above in our main picture, toasting the good times – they are standing outside The Green Dragon pub, which was very popular in its day.

It was known as a favourite haunt with the city’s student population.

The pub is no longer open – and The Office took its place in Sydney Street in 2014.

Do you remember why the pub closed down or the year it shut?

Perhaps you have special memories of visiting the pub that you would like to share with The Argus?

Mrs Bumbles cafe on Hove seafront has been serving customers for decades – and it’s still there.

The cafe serves a mix of sandwiches, paninis and hot dogs.

And it even has a specially made ice cream for hot dogs – they can coold down while their owners sit back and relax by the sea.

Mrs Bumbles is such a part of the scenery it is surely fixed in the memory of locals who pass it when taking a seafront stroll. Do let us know your memories of it.

But there are lots of restaurants that are no longer around.

The Laughing Onion was in Kemp Town for years, serving classic French dishes to a devoted regular clientele.

One reviewer commented online that he remembers the restaurant as “a corner of Paris in Kemp Town”.

He said the owner Jean Jaques Jordan, pictured left, was a “truly great entertainer” and that the restaurant did all it could for customers. Can you recall this well-known Brighton character?

The Lanes remains one of the most popular parts of Brighton, especially with first-time visitors. The Lanes were partially developed during the late 16th and early 17th centuries as the population of what was then a small fishing town started to grow.

What major changes to The Lanes have you noticed since the above photo was taken in the 1980s?