When approaching the holiday season, it’s important to think of what this season is really about: Counting our blessings. It is easy to forget to be selfless when confronted with the materialistic wants and needs of modern day life but, St.Catherine’s Hospice makes it an enjoyable and memorable experience. Every year, their Tree of Light event is hosted at multiple locations allowing residents to pay tribute throughout December to someone they’ve lost. It is the perfect way to honor loved ones this winter. 

For many people, this event isn’t just about putting a star on a tree, but rather supporting a charity that does so much for the public. The Tree of light is an important part of this holiday season, as it is an tribute to all the people in our lives and to St.Catherine’s for providing a life-changing service for all. This winter, the public will travel from miles away to dedicate a star and to spend this special time with family. 

St.Catherine’s is a West Sussex and East Surrey based charity that has been helping live enjoyable lives in old age and with life debilitating illness’ and since 1981. Their vision is to help the public face any end of life troubles by providing support through their charity shops in Sussex and East Surrey, through locals volunteering and through events such as sponsored sky diving. When not hosting The Tree of Light event, other charity events such as sponsored runs, challenges and bike rides take place all year round. Between 2015-2016, they raised over £7.5Million to fund the hospice, with the help of NHS funds. Because of this, St.Catherine’s Hospice cared for 1,200 patients, 388 of these stayed in their inpatient unit (some more than once). 

To get involved, you can attend The Tree of Light ceremony closest to you. To find out more information, go to their website.  


By Mhari Grace, Oriel High School