A sports photography firm has an exclusive UK licence for a revolutionary social media publishing technology.

Sussex Sport Photography, based in Hurstpierpoint, will use Pic2Go considered pioneering for sponsored race photography.

Features include automated race photo-tagging using the barcode technology and instant posting of branded photos to participants’ Facebook pages.

Anthony Bliss, managing director of Sussex Sport Photography, said: “Pic2Go technology revolutionises the way that event participants can interact with their friends and followers online with real-time posting during an event.

“The speed for interaction adds a huge value for participants, event organisers and charities alike.

“Pic2Go is also a great tool for sponsor recruitment with the technology driving interactive sponsor engagement, wide social reach, brand awareness and increased fan acquisition.

“We are also able to promote future events through the technology, which adds a new dimension to instant awareness, direct engagement and follower encouragement to get involved.

“Event photography powered by Pic2Go will change the UK events market landscape significantly and we are looking forward to some exciting times ahead.”

Events using the Pic2Go system will encourage participants to register for the free service with their race number.

Bibs contains a unique 2D bar code that the system will recognise and create a free personal album for all registered participants.

Visit www.pic2go.co.uk, email info@SussexSportPhotography.com or call 01273 833331 for information.

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