A recruitment specialist set up on the day the recession hit is expecting to turn over £40 million this year.

The Shore Group was founded in Shoreham by industry veterans James Hobden, Frank Ashbee and Lewis Yorke-Johnson in 2008.

The construction recruiter, which has now moved to Hove, set out to dominate the market in five specialist areas - mechanical and electrical, merchandising and retail, construction and interiors, executive search and telecommunication.

During its first year the group visited more than 5,000 building sites across the UK and set out to become the market leader.

This year it is involved in providing staff for the Brighton i360 project.

Directors Frank Ashbee said: “We have more than doubled in size and turnover since 2008.

“We aim to continue this growth pattern by investing in new emerging markets and by providing investment vehicles for ambitious entrepre

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