Are you projecting the right image for your business?

The new manager of Brighton Mumpreneurs networking group Janine Quinn and member Dr Jelena Nesic give their top tips for newcomers on getting ahead.

Most of us spend a small fortune creating our brand – getting a great website, business cards, social media image.

But how many of us stop and think about what we look like and how we come across in relation to our brand?

When face to face with customers you really need to create lasting positive impressions.

It is vital the people who represent your business reflect their dress and behaviour.

Getting this right can open doors for you and your business – but it is an area many small businesses overlook.

Ask yourself ‘How would I describe my business?’ Coming up with an accurate and concise answer is far from simple. Be specific. What do you represent?

Try to describe how you will help and what services you will provide.

Be consistent. Always stand for the same thing so people recognise and identify you.

Remember your business identity also needs to be coherent – this is the crucial factor as it will enable others to recognize you as an expert in your particular field.

If you run an accountancy firm and also provide eyelash extensions you’re more likely going to be seen as a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

But if you’re a personal trainer and also a qualified nutritionist this could help establish you as a ‘wellbeing expert’.

Think about the image you want to project and make sure you give this some thought beforehand. When we meet someone we instantly make judgements on what we see before they speak.

If you work in the corporate field or similar, it is important to dress that way.

But in smaller companies and new businesses, dress can be totally overlooked. You don’t want to be remembered as ‘the guy who didn’t iron his shirt’ or ‘the lady in that low-cut dress’.

Many decisions are based on how you represent yourself.

You want to make sure if you have an interview or sales pitch you get it right.

Dressing inappropriately for the occasion can also make you feel like you don’t belong.

This is true not just for being too casual, but for being too formally dressed.

Make sure to do your research about the dress code before deciding what to wear.

When you look the part, you feel confident and that comes across in your whole persona.

Qualified trainer Janine Quinn runs Sassy Style and Dr Jelena Nesic is an experimental psychologist and director of INNERNATION Coaching & Development.

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