This week the sixth day of this week is what Saturdays were invented for.


The delayed Sussex Senior Cup Final. To be played at The American Express Community Stadium, at Falmer in Brighton.

You know, I could sit all day and read those words.

On Saturday the lucky 10,000 will take their seats at the ramp up event of the year. I will be ticking it off my list of a 100 things to do in Brighton before the Greens ruin everything.

Anyone who says they aren’t particularly bothered and isn’t going; either has planned an afternoon bikini shopping with Sheridan Smith, or is just a liar.

3pm Satdee a little northeast of Moulscoombe is the only place town.

Who’s playing? Who cares. Well actually it s Brighton and Hove Albion Reserves and probably Gary Hart vs Eastbourne Borough.

It’s fab at the Amex. I went there on Sunday. It’s all shiny and smells like a carpet shop. Everybody grins , (except those with a two foot high metal barrier in front of their seat apparently) everybody pays attention to what the man with the microphone says (in this case the superb commercial manager Paul Rogers) and at about 10.40 everyone tried so hard to look cool (me included) as they excitedly climbed the stairs to get a first view from their seats.

Its about one tenth of the feeling of seeing your first child born, maybe a little more.

The sun drenched completed stadium was breathtaking. Nothing less and you can get a Thai Green Curry for six quid. No chips though! Come on this is Brighton & Hove.

Where we’re going, we don’t need chips.

So the big adventure is about to start. Multi million pound signings, really trendy kits and vegetarian food!

The Albion are the football club of the twenty first century.

No more sand pits or HAMMER nets no more supposed bigger clubs sneering.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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