After 20 years competitively speaking, the Albion finally get the chance to avenge their 1991 defeat in the FA Cup 4th Round replay, at the hands of then League Champions Liverpool.

I went to both games in 1991 a trip to Anfield with a mate who a few years later was my best man and who after meticulously planning our trip for two weeks, went to a Legal & General party night (this was when L&G had spare cash and staff) the evening before the match.

Alex however, turned up at Hove station still in his best party clothes and a certain amount of lipstick, almost an hour late and ruined every potential connection we had planned so carefully.

He moaned and slept in equal proportion all the way there, which made my guess the line-ups quiz pretty redundant.

When we arrived in Liverpool, Alex announced we were going to his brother's (who was reading Economics and girl's navels at Liverpool Uni) for lunch.

When we got to TOXTETH we quickly put all our money in our shoes and made sure we moved around a lot, we knew the score, we grew up in Hangleton. I don't remember much lunch.

The game of course was a classic, with God’s own summariser Johnny Byrne getting a dramatic equaliser, Johnny Crumpet (its Crumplin really but we used to say he toasts attackers...well I did) keeping John Barnes in his pocket.

And who could forget near the end Clive Walker getting free of the last defender and running head down to the corner flag.

In the replay we were winning during extra time and somehow lost. I don't remember much about the game, I was a little drunk and I am still only five foot eight.

Do I still see that Alex? Yeah he is going to Palace with me next week. Possibly in his best 1991 party clothes I am pretty sure he's still got them.

Tomorrow (21st September) I shall be watching the Liverpool match from the almost luxurious confines of the 1901 Club with my football friend (Inbetweeners) Alice @Hove Housewife Hove's very own Edina Monsoon (she'll love that) is mucho excited about the match, she personifies what the new look Albion and the Amex have done to the city.

It's not all about the so called Johnny Come Lately's, but the feel good factor the club now brings to Brighton & Hove, even previously non football people.

Although Alice went to the Goldstone as a girl quite often, and don't forget it.

So in 20 years the club have come a long way, albeit the long way around, and as in 1991, in 2011 we aren’t that far behind Liverpool on the pitch and now in overall foundation.

We can almost look back on the years in between and smile a little.

Welcome back to Brighton Kenny, it’s the same we hope, but different.

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