Jamie Theakstone would be outraged, Terry Garoghan would think it's a joke in very poor taste and Caroline Lucas probably doesn't have a clue about it. But Quentin Delahunty's (not Delia Hunt as reported in some quarters) remarkably ill informed blog questioning if Brighton and Hove needs its football club, has caused the outrage the author intended.

Delahunty, if that is indeed his real name (it seems to rhyme too ironically for my liking) questions if and why the twin towns need the Albion.

No real Brightonian, no one (Not Craig) who has spent time within our city for majority of their lives would make such a bizarre assumption.

It would appear this author see's Brighton and Hove as his own alternative playground, like so many of the immigrants (yep spell check is back on) who beg, borrow and steal to come and live the Brighton dream. Being a Brightonian is in fact like being a king, a birthright.

Us real Brightonians those who pronounce the town Bright'un not TON! Do get rather tired of these trendy's who are always campaigning to turn the clock tower in to a Hari Krishna centre or refer to the Lanes as the Laines.

Paint a yellow cross on the houses of all those not born at RSCH I say, and then we know where we are.

Do spot checks in Kensington Gardens and exclude those who don't spontaneously know the first two verses to Sussex By The sea, from the area entirely.

That is an exclusion zone I would like to see.

Truth is we need to save the Brightonian and the unique if vowel shy Brightonian accent.

And ensure the new breed of Brightonians embrace Brighton for what it is, not what these new and usually temporary inhabitants try and turn it into.

Delahunty must learn Brighton is a place to live in not to show off in.

Perhaps a member of the Mears family could visit him with a Brighton starter pack one evening.

Quentin wants us to adopt Frisbee or Petanaque (throwing a bigger ball at smaller ones on gravel) as our local sport.

Perhaps he and his bizarrely named children could do this together in one of our many parks or an uber alternative park in an alternative city.

Truth is the Albion are as much part of the fabric of Brighton & Hove as the West Pier, Pavilion or Booths Bird Museum (that’s on Dyke Road Quentin I'll send you a map) Quentin bless him obviously wasn't around in 1983, he looks old enough to have been born by then of course, but Brighton was just a grimy seaside town then, for illicit weekends and Mods. Not suiting his alternative values.

But in May 1983 this town rocked to the tune of Brighton & Hove Albion, which is one reason in thousands why Brighton & Hove needs its Albion, like most people need a beating heart.

So Quentin the 14:19 from Brighton Station? I'll wave you off.

They say Norwich is more alternative than Kevin Turvey these days.

Make sure Jacosta packs the Tofu.

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