He didn’t win for nine games on the spin.

Some of the fans they made such a din.

He won’t kick it long like Cambridge once did.

When they got the ball all they did was get rid.

The Albion keep it on the floor.

A bit like the Dutch in ’74.

Possession is the name of their game.

Dunk, Calderon, Greer and Dunk again.

I once asked us Gus where his inspiration lurks He said ‘’ I’m convinced what I do works’’ If they continue to play the Gustavo way.

Then they can beat anyone on their day.

Barnsley came to play at the Amex after Bonfire night.

They didn’t put up that much of a fight.

Gordon Greer had a scoring plan.

Not a bad goal from our Hollywood man.

The Saints got lucky last Saturday.

A different team to the one we saw just before May.

A referee who struggled to see, that it just was not a penalty.

Dunk and Fonte at the New Dell, but outside the box was where they fell.

The ref was called Walton, I wanted to yell,goodnight Pete,I hope you sleep well.

So onto this week and Coventry second bottom and wins, not quite three.

Remember Gordon Smith's second half hat-trick at Highfield Road? Long before that cup final dream did implode.

Should be three points for Gus’s men; let’s hope we’re all still talking at five ten.

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