Every single day of every week hundreds of children in Brighton and Hove undertake tasks that would be physically and emotionally demanding for any adult.

They have to take on the role of parent for their own parents, washing them, feeding them, helping them get around.

And more and more increasingly young carers are looking after parents and family members with mental health, drink or drug problems.

Having to provide the emotional support needed for a person suffering from mental health problems or in the grip of an addiction is an enormous task even for health professionals.

Yet children as young as seven are doing this every day. And for every one the authorities know about, hundreds more are quietly carrying out their caring duties without the authorities’ knowledge.

But rather than being bogged down by the burden they have to cope with, these children are an inspiration.

Not only the family members they look after, but all of us, should be immensely proud of what they are doing.