The Argus ventured beneath Kings Road with a council engineer for an exclusive interview.

After months of questions, setbacks and complaints from businesses, tourists and residents, the true extent of the state of the seafront has been revealed.

People can cope with the delays and constant questions of “when will this be finished?” but to feel as if you are being kept in the dark is inexcusable.

With an open interview and a walk around the worksite beneath Kings Road, The Argus revealed work is finally under way underneath the seafront after a long and arduous surveying and analysis process.

Council engineers revealed the reason it has taken so long is simply because the job is a lot bigger than originally expected.

When the announcement came that work would be set back until November, opposition councillors called on the council to be more transparent. While many have felt they have been kept out of the loop, this open look at the true situation beneath the A259 is a welcome eye-opener at the work going beneath one of Brighton’s most recognisable landmarks.