Crucially, even those who do not use the Victoria line train service from Brighton have their lives affected by it; it is a major driver in the economy of Brighton and Hove.

Despite this, the service is totally inadequate for the 21st century. Look ahead, Brighton and Hove. Will your city thrive in 2020, 2030 and beyond with this current situation?

Perhaps like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol we need the spectres to visit our leaders.

The Dickens character was made to confront his future “if the situation remains unaltered”. Our future could be one of job losses, falling investment and decline. It certainly will not be an asset.

The line is a valuable link, an artery into the city. It is currently a damaged vein to the heart of the city and a dangerous legacy for our children.

It is my contention we need another line: the additional revenue it brings to Sussex with tourists, the social value of linking places along its route, the access it provides to the hub of Gatwick from Brighton and London, the list goes on and on.

The festive season is over for another year but maybe the “ghost of transport yet to come” could visit some of our representatives and give us all a present we can treasure for years to come.

John Newman, Telscombe Cliffs

In contrast to moans in The Argus about train services, I think Southern Railway is very efficient.

Every time I travel with a reduced day return ticket, I find the train clean and on time.

Thanks to the third rail, there are no delays due to overhead power cables being blown down.

Seeing as the Lib Dems have proved they are not suitable to share power in Parliament, and after years of ineffective governing, the way forward looks good for the Conservatives to resume power in 2015.

Roy Hilliard, Old Shoreham Road, Portslade