As we lose more of the iconic West Pier to the sea (The Argus, February 6), it is a striking reminder of how, in my opinion, Brighton and Hove and the West Pier Trust has neglected a piece of the city’s heritage, first by leaving it to rot away after closing in 1975, then by not deciding on how to go forward with rebuilding efforts.

Lottery funding was granted to restore the structure and then withdrawn after the fire destroyed much of it in 2003.

Now we are left with the ruins, which have themselves become iconic over the years.

I have spoken to many who have said Brighton deserves to have the West Pier back, even if it is only a replica of the original, since using the existing structure would now be impossible.

Instead, the West Pier Trust has decided to back a different horse; it believes the only way forward is to support an eyesore – the i360 viewing tower (which they, the council, and others, have claimed has “overwhelming support” locally). If this happens, we will never get another pier, or at least not in the immediate future. It would be a sad trade-off. A laughable tower instead of a beautiful historic replica pier.

Hastings is restoring its pier. There have been those who have expressed interest in putting the money together to rebuild the pier to its original specifications, something which would make Brighton proud. The West Pier Trust should be ashamed of itself, and so should the council.

We all knew the day would come when the ruins would go, and it may be upon us sooner than we had imagined. Now it is time to support a re-build and tell the council and the Trust that we don’t want the i360 instead of the pier. We deserve to have the real icon back.

Corin Schroder Christensen, King’s Road, Brighton

The recent battering of the remains of the West Pier is of concern to many people who have Brighton and Hove connections.

It is an iconic landmark even in its current state so maybe questions should be asked of the West Pier Trust and the local council as to why the remaining portion of this pier was not properly maintained and reinforced.

More than ten years have passed since a big storm devastated a section of the pier.

Lessons should have been learnt and more done to strengthen the remainder.

Brighton’s “island” pier has become a tourist attraction and is partly a symbol of the city’s strength. Rather than invest so much time in designs for the pie-in-the-sky i360, the Trust should be busy co-ordinating a repair job.

The leader of the council is also one of the representatives for the Regency area of Brighton.

Unless something is done quickly there may be no West Pier Project to continue with.

Rob Heale, Chatham Place, Brighton

Should we grieve the further diminishment of the West Pier or celebrate the fact we have a back-up 500 yards away?

Mike Aiken, Finsbury Road, Brighton