Reading so many times about the way patients are treated in hospitals, I would first of all appreciate how lucky I have been not having to go into hospital any length of time but since I have recently left hospital after nine days I feel I must say a few words of praise for the treatment I received there.

Nothing was too much trouble. You were treated like royalty as soon as you entered, shown to your room, got yourself ready for bed, asked if you would like a drink of your choice, one of the nurse came to see you and explained this and that.

Several doctors came to see me and later I was taken down to a scanner machine. That is an experience!

As regards to food, I could hardly believe it. It was better than any restaurant. A few days before I was discharged we had a new manager who had obviously been there before. His name was Mike Sodder. I think he kept all the staff on their toes. I give it full marks.

The name of the ward was Chichester Ward at Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton.

R Maher, Old Shoreham Road, Hove.