WHAT is more important, the ferry closure or a sandy beach?

What brings more money to Newhaven?

I thought it was pretty clear – the ferry.

For a start it employs many people at the port, plus the ferry carries freight, foot passengers, lorries etc.

No one has mentioned that the French wanted to bring bigger ferries into Newhaven, but the port would have to be enlarged which would mean the closure of the beach.

The beach was closed six years ago over safety issues and all facilities were removed.

All that is left there now is an overpriced car park – nothing else.

Then a group of supporters decided they wanted it opened, and asked for it be given village green status, which is crazy.

For a start it can only be used at low tide as it is tidal. It is also polluted with the amount of boats that go up and down.

As for Norman Baker backing the protest it was a bit strong saying it was a peaceful protest as they still climbed over the gates to get in.

Someone could have been badly injured.

The save the ferry campaign against the save the sandy beach campaign.

I know what is more important. It is the ferry not the beach and the bit by your over-zealous reporter saying that people arrive in droves to visit this beach is utter rubbish. I know – I live in Newhaven.

Paul-John Harris

Metcalfe Avenue