Is history repeating itself in local government?

Many years ago we had local politicians who wreaked havoc and brought shame on the areas they purported to represent –namely Red Ken Livingstone, Bernie Grant and Red Ted Knight, to name but a few.

All served to the detriment of their area because of their self opinionated stance and misplaced ideological views which were imposed on the majority because of their position as councillors.

It seems a generation later we in Brighton and Hove are to be railroaded by our own Councillor Ben Duncan (pictured below).

Not satisfied with besmirching the good name of our Armed Forces, unaware of the difference between a swastika and Celtic Cross, we now have a call to ban purchase and/or use of all goods with an Israeli connection.

Does Cllr Duncan know what the implications of such a ban would entail? Perhaps he should explain them before asking people to support them.

Sorry he can’t because his phone, Twitter, text etc all have Israeli parts and technological input.

This is an elected representative, partially disowned by his own party although still on all committees and still employed in the PR department of a Green MEP.

Is it not time that this person stood down as a councillor and representative of this fine city?

He will have plenty of time to promulgate his principles and ideology on a personal basis without bringing the good name of the City of Brighton and Hove into disrepute.

Joe Tansey Coldean Lane Brighton