I had to go over to Kemp Town today from west Brighton and, as everyone who lives there knows, the seafront is a nightmare so I decided to go via Seven Dials.

What on earth are they doing with the road layout at the station?

You used to be able turn left just before the station and bypass the station entrance where the buses, taxis and crowd are.

Now all traffic has to go right up to the station entrance as they have blocked off the left turn before into Upper Gloucester Road and it’s sheer bedlam.

Taxis are double parked blocking the road, buses are stuck in gridlock due to anyone trying to bypass the station entrance. What are they thinking of?

It looks as though the old turn left into Upper Gloucester Road is going to be pedestrianised or are they doing the same thing they did with Middle Street and spending thousands of pounds on putting cobble type things down which incidentally are nearly impossible for someone in a wheelchair to cross.

Incidentally they had to be lifted and relaid as they were ‘the wrong type of stones’ according to a workman .

It’s sheer lunacy on the part of our lovely council.

How to cause a traffic jam and bring everyone to a standstill emitting exhaust fumes.

Can someone from the council give a decent explanation.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old road layout whatsoever, so why change it?

Another case of squandering public money by this council.

Will Young, Halewick Lane, Sompting