The seafront isn't the only place where payment machines near on-street parking are not working properly.

The problem wasn’t just a one-off incident in July, when Lyn Jackson-Clarke had an unfortunate experience (Argus Letters August 20: Why did machines fail?).

I have recently heard from residents who have had a similarly frustrating time in different parts of the city, including the Seven Dials area, with machines that don't accept cards or notes and with a frustrating phone service.

One driver who queried this with a traffic warden was told that the nearby machine hadn’t been working properly for weeks.

Although many people are critical of parking charges, most would rather pay up if they have to rather than run the risk of a parking fine.

It's time for the council to investigate the full extent of this problem and make things less irksome for people who need to park in the city.

Purna Sen

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion