Your article about parents putting children in ‘pushchair prisons’ is ridiculous, short sighted and judgemental.

I have a two year-old son and I know only too well the rush in the morning to get him to nursery and myself to work. For this reason, I put my son in the pushchair to make sure we arrive on time.

In your article you assume that people who put their children in pushchairs never allow their children out to exercise.

I am very aware of my child’s health and make sure he walks as much as possible when we are not tied to time restrictions.

We go to the park most days and swim every week. My son is happy and healthy and has lots of opportunities to run around and be free, just not in the mornings when time is limited.

Being a working mother is hard enough without feeling that I am being judged for trying to get my son to nursery on time and myself to work for 9am.

Lucy Enever,

Address supplied.