ThanK you to Councillor Hyde for her partial answer (Letters August 29) to the questions I raised.

Local authorities have an appalling record of having to return S106 monies to developers.

I fear Brighton and Hove City Council may find itself in this position with the Saltdean S106 monies.

It is proposing to award monies from this pot to the Saltdean Lido Community Interest Company (SLCIC) as its contribution to show independent funding bodies its commitment to this commercial venture.

Funders have made it clear that without a financial contribution from the city council their monies will not be forthcoming.

What readers may not be aware of is that these S106 monies have to be allocated by the end of this financial year.

The SLCIC will be reliant on the Heritage Lottery Fund. They have yet to submit their funding application.

If they submit it by October they will hope to hear whether they have been successful by the end of January.

What if they are unsuccessful? What contingency plan do BHCC have to re allocate the monies they have committed to the SLCIC?

This is the question that the council have so far refused to answer.

In reality they will have no time to allocate monies to other projects and the S106 monies will be lost.

The prospect of Saltdean ever receiving a sum of £335K for community projects again in the future is remote if not non existent.

Simon Doyle

Hailsham Avenue