BRIGHTON and Hove is rich in culture, history and heritage.

It boasts a wealth of tourist attractions which see crowds pouring into the city every year and ploughing money straight into the economy.

So why is it that the city has some of the worst rates of child poverty in the South East?

In some areas one in five children are classed as living in this worrying state.

It seems youngsters are bearing the brunt of an economic collapse and financial cutbacks. And many fear this could wreck their childhood and stunt their hopes of growing into flourishing, happy and healthy people as they age.

Surely we have a responsibility to try and help those most in need?

Yes, there are many people who, in the face of adversity, have the strength of mind to pursue their dreams and become some of the most successful in their field despite a difficult upbringing.

Money does not prevent a parent from loving their child, but it can make it difficult to ensure they have enough food, clothing and warmth.