Albion boss Gus Poyet has called for an overhaul of the Football Association disciplinary system covering the behaviour of managers and their staff.

  Poyet wants an independent panel, free of FA involvement, to decide on cases.

  Poyet's plea comes with Albion poised to contest a charge of improper conduct faced by first team coach Charlie Oatway.

  Sheffield Wednesday chief Dave Jones has been charged with the same offence after the pair were dismissed by referee Simon Hooper during last Saturday's match at Hillsborough.

  Poyet told The Argus: "It would would be funny if you got accused by the police and the police judge you after. You'd have no chance. This is the situation with the FA at the moment and I cannot believe that nobody is standing up. I think it's time to make sure it is an independent panel, completely independent, not named by the FA.

  "As soon as you are charged that's it, so why are you spending all your energy to prove that the report is wrong when it doesn't matter, you are going to get done anyway?

  "That is the truth, because I have been there. I proved that the report about a situation I had at Coventry was completely wrong, nothing close to the truth, and I was found guilty and fined £2,000.

  "If somebody, anyone, from the FA could explain that it would be nice."

  Oatway has until 4pm tomorrow to respond to the charge.

  Poyet said: "It's not going to be very difficult, if you know what I said after the game, what our decision is going to be but, because it has not been made 100 per cent yet I'm not going to commit to that.

  "I believe that Charlie was very, very wrongly dismissed."