Guest Simon Gustafsson played a starring role as Eastbourne enjoyed another big home win tonight.

The Eagles rider on loan to Swindon returned in place of Cameron Woodward and helped his side beat Belle Vue 57-35 in the Elite League.

Gustafsson was unbeaten in four superb programmed rides and then went in heat 15.

That was where he dropped his only point to an opponent, finishing behind Scott Nicholls in a home 4-2.

Eagles trailed early on after Richie Worrall powered inside Bjarne Pedersen to lead a 4-2.

The hosts drew level in heat four with the first of three successive race advantages.

Pedersen held off Nicholls when the Team GB star went for double points.

A 5-3 there cut the home lead to 36-26 but Eastbourne had two 5-1s and two 4-2s in the last five races.

Lewis Blackbird again shone at reserve, beaten only by Worrall for Aces.

And Joonas Kylmakorpi followed a last in his opening ride with three paid wins as he supported Gustafsson (twice) and Mikkel Michelsen in 5-1s.

Meanwhile Woodward successfully negotiated his GP qualifier in Ljubilana.

Eagles: Pedersen 13 (5), Gustafsson 13 (5), Blackbird 10 (4), Michelsen 8+1 (4), Kylmakorpi 6+3 (4), Lahti 4 (4), Halsey 3+1 (4).

Belle Vue: Nicholls 11^ (5), Nielsen 7 (4), Watt 5 (4), Worrall 5 (4), Barker 3+2 (4), Payne 2+1 (3), Toft 2 (4).