Sami Hyypia will command the respect of Albion’s players.

That is the view of former Finland national team boss Martti Kuusela.

Hyypia will be in charge when the Seagulls return to work later this month.

Kuusela, one of Finland’s best known coaches, said: “Sami knows English football and that is very important.

“He now has a really good chance to become a very good coach or manager.

“I know he learned from working at Bayer Leverkusen.

“You must learn from many different styles of football.

“I am sure the players will like Sami.

“There are a lot of pros who, if they are not in the team, start to disrupt things.

“But Sami is a good guy ad they will respect him.

“It is very important how the players react to him.

“I think Sami is very disciplined and always works hard.”