Sami Hyypia has vowed not to give referees a hard time as he prepares for his managerial debut in English football.

The Albion boss has also urged other managers to follow suit and let the whistle blowers get on with their job.

Hyypia’s Seagulls face Sheffield Wednesday on the opening day of the Football League season at the Amex tomorrow.

James Linington, from Newport Isle of Wight, takes charge of the Championship clash and he can expect a trouble-free afternoon from Hyypia.

The mild-mannered Finn told The Argus: “I went a few weeks ago to a managers’ meeting and we were talking about referees.

“I am not one who is putting a lot of pressure on the referee during the game.

“I’d rather leave him to do his job and not jump up and down at every situation, asking for free-kicks and yellow cards and stuff.”

Hyypia, sent-off only once in his ten-year playing career with Liverpool, added: “I would hope that all the others would do the same. I think the referees’ job is difficult enough without this extra pressure.

“But when I see that others are doing it and they have influence then I need to maybe learn how to do it as well.”

Albion acuumulated 74 yellow cards under Oscar Garcia last season, the 11th highest in the Championship. Their tally of two reds was the joint second lowest.