Inigo Calderon is hoping to work a bit of magic with his fellow Spanish right-back today.

Calderon has been in his usual position with Bruno in midfield in Albion’s most recent matches, including the 2-0 win at Leeds.

Bruno scored at home to Bolton two years ago and Calderon followed suit in last term's fixture.

Calderon is enjoying the unusual experience of teaming up with his fellow right-back in the same team.

He said: “I think it is working really well.

“I understand him really well, not just the language but because I think we have the same ideas in terms of football.

“I think we did all right at Leeds and I think we can play together.

“In this system, it’s not like you are just in one position.

“You mix it up a bit and we did all right.”

Calderon hopes to build on the win at Elland Road and help further erase memories of last Saturday’s dismal 1-0 defeat at Birmingham.

He admits he did not enjoy watching a re-run of the game at St Andrew’s.

“We watched it and it was quite boring because we played really, really badly,” he said.

“But that’s good to realise how we need to play.”