Tomer Hemed is ready for the Premier League fight of his life.

The Israeli striker expects Albion to be shrewd in the summer transfer market.

He anticipates the hottest competition of his career for a starting place after seeing his playing time almost halved this season.

But he is proud of the part he has played in securing promotion and is aiming to add to it in the last three games as the Seagulls bid to clinch the title.

Hemed said: “I have 11 goals this year and hope I will score more before the end of the season.

“Even if I don’t, it’s a good total. Not like 17 last year but I think I did my share for the team.

“We know that the team will buy new players. We know that we will have to be very good next year just to play but I also know that Brighton want to keep the squad.

“They won’t buy players just for the sake of it. They will only buy players who can improve the team and players who can integrate with the others.”

Hemed played for Real Mallorca and Almeria before joining Albion in the summer of 2015.

He said: “All of my career I had to compete with good players to play. It will be the same in the Premier League.

“I’m used to it and I am going to fight for my place.”

Hemed’s 11 goals have come from 1,713 minutes compared to 17 in 3,256 minutes in 2015-016.

Last season’s tally of 41 starts and four games off the bench has changed to 19 starts and 15 substitute appearances this time.

But his lay-off for Glenn Murray’s opener against Wigan was his fourth assist of the campaign, just two fewer than last season.

Hemed has come back into the side in the wake of a torrid international break during which he was suspended by his national FA for what were seen as critical comments over selection.

Speaking on Israeli radio, he revealed he received a text from national team boss Elisha Levy on Monday ahead of Albion’s 2-1 win over Wigan.

He said Levi wished him good luck and said he was pleased about his success with the Seagulls.

Hemed added: “I am sorry if I offended someone but it was not my intention.”