Chris Eubank junior brought in the heavy mob to prepare for the “toughest test” of his career against Arthur Abraham.

Brighton fighter Eubank defends his IBO world super-middleweight title against Abraham at the SSE Arena, Wembley, tomorrow night knowing he faces a sizeable task.

Abraham, 37, is a former three-time, two-weight world champion and a veteran of 22 world title fights.

Eubank Jr has had just one world title fight – and many would not even acknowledge that as the IBO strap is so lightly regarded by the boxing fraternity.

But the 27-year-old knows his path to many more world title fights hinges on overcoming Abraham and that is why he has been working on combating the one factor he feels the German will have in his favour - size.

When The Argus caught up with Eubank Jr in the subterranean Brighton and Hove gym he was preparing to spar English light-heavyweight champion Joel McIntyre, who appears on a packed undercard.

Eubank Jr told The Argus: “I have been sparring light-heavies, cruiserweights and heavyweights.

“Speed is not this guy’s forte so I don’t need to be sparring guys with hand speed.

“My thought process has been to spar big strong guys who are going to try to bully me about.

“Today I’ve sparred Joel McIntyre, who is on the undercard, and he’s weighing 13 and a half stone which is a stone and a half heavier.

“That’s just one of my tactics to spar bigger guys and get used to being in the ring with a bigger man.

“Abraham is naturally a bigger man than me. He might not look it in terms of height but naturally he’s heavier. I walk around at 12 stone but he’s probably coming down from 13 and a half to make the 12-stone limit.”

Abraham is a seasoned 12-round fighter. Eubank Jr’s trainer Ronnie Davies describes him as “battle hardened”.

He also carries an impressive and hard to read jab.

But Eubank Jr expects the Armenia-born fighter to try to out-muscle him.

Eubank Jr said: “He relies on coming forward and bullying fighters and throwing wide hooks. He tries to out-strengthen his opponents but his work rate is nothing compared to mine.

“His punch output, his speed and his defence, I am beating him in all those areas.

“The one thing he does have is a warrior’s heart and determination and he never gives up. I am no different and that’s going to make for a hell of a combination of fighting styles coming together.”

Although has the far greater experience, Eubank Jr has broken down previous opponents with his relentless work-rate.

And that will remain a cornerstone of his approach even if he hints there may be a few surprises for his rival tomorrow night.

He said: “You prepare differently for every fighter you face. Every fighter is different so you work on different things in the gym and your tactics may be different. But, in general, the work ethic is still the same.

“It’s 100% intensity and 100% dedication at all times. It doesn’t matter who it is, if I am fighting, that’s how I am going to be training.

“If he’s smart he’ll know that and he’ll be prepared for it. He only has to look at my fights to see what my style is and to see what I do to guys.

“For his sake, I hope he does not think just because he is who he is, or that this is my toughest test so far, that I am going to be any less ferocious and more cautious.

“If anything I am going to be even more explosive in this fight.”

And Eubank Jr does not believe the age gap will have much of an influence after suggestions that father time had caught up with Manny Pacquiao after his shock defeat to Jeff Horn.

Eubank Jr said: “Do you think Manny lost that fight? I don’t think that had anything to do with father time and that was just unfortunate judging.

“Abraham is going to be relying heavily on his experience. He is far more experienced than I am in professional boxing so the tricks I have been using on my opponents are probably not going to work on him and I know that.

“So you’re going to see something slightly different from me.”