Mathew Ryan is one of life’s optimists.

So Albion’s new Australian No.1 is not worried about being on the wrong end of a drubbing by Manchester City.

Like he was against Pep Guardiola’s old club Barcelona, playing under Gary Neville for Valencia.

Guardiola had left for Bayern Munich by the time a trip to the Nou Camp in the Spanish Cup turned into a “nightmare” as Ryan was beaten four times by Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi hit a hat-trick.

“The most I conceded in a game before that was maybe four,” Ryan said, pictured above. “So it was not a nice feeling.

“That night was probably my biggest lesson in trying not to let the occasion affect you too much.

“When you grow up you think when you make a mistake you throw it in the bin and feel better straight away.

“Easier said than done – but that is part of being a goalkeeper. I always look for little things that I can learn along the way and help me in the future and that was one of them.

“Since then if I have found myself in difficult moments in games, maybe they have two shots on target and two goals, just try to keep your head and be there for the next opportunity when it comes.”

Ryan, after gifting Atletico Madrid their first goal in an otherwise impressive debut at the Amex last Sunday, does not fear another Barca-type thrashing against Guardiola’s, below, star-studded side.

“I am an optimist,” he said. “So pretty much on the other end of the spectrum – and if you can go out and play well against them it would be a great start for us as a team.

“If we can take a scalp it would give us a great amount of confidence. Quite often the underdog triumphs and can get a result.

“That is our plan and more often than not we will be the underdog. We are what we are and have a great togetherness that will get us through difficult moments.

“You don’t want to go into a game thinking the worst – think positive. Plan for the best and be prepared if it is to go sour. That is the challenges in the PL.”