The Amex is likely to be crucial to Albion's chances of staying in the Premier League.

So could Burnley provide a blueprint for survival?

Sean Dyche's side, Championship champions two seasons ago when Albion just missed out on promotion, kept their heads above water purely on their form at Turf Moor.

They finished two places clear of the drop last season with 40 points, 33 of which were gained at home.

The Clarets were ninth in the 'home only' table, with a better record than the likes of Bournemouth, West Brom and Stoke.

Only relegated Hull had worse away form than Burnley's one win, four draws and 14 defeats.

The Argus: Glenn Murray, Albion's leading marksman last season (above), said: "We've got to take inspiration from any club that has stayed there. Burnley had a fantastic home record last year and that's what kept them up.

"If that was to be what kept us up then that would be great.

"We might find our forte is elsewhere, we don't know, but if it is that and we do turn into a Burnley and gain most of our points at home then brilliant, just as long as we gain some points!"

Murray knows from experience with Bournemouth and Crystal Palace how difficult it is to accumulate points in the Premier League.

The Amex is a more attractive venue for visitors than Turf Moor, so Albion will probably need an upset or two away from home.

Murray, who headed a shock winner for Bournemouth at Chelsea in their first season up, said: "The step is pretty big and it’s vast in the Premier League just between the bottom clubs and the top clubs.

"It's a lot more cagey in the Premier League and the strikers are a lot more deadly. In the Championship you can sometimes give three, four chances away and concede one.

"If you give three chances away in the Premier League you are definitely conceding two, if not three. You have got to have your wits about you or you will get punished by some of the best players in the world."

Level heads will be needed in the dressing room when the going gets tough, as it inevitably will at times.

The phlegmatic Murray believes Albion have the ideal manager to guide them in Chris Hughton (below), a kindred spirit.

The Argus: He said: "What I've found is whether you won five on the spin or lost five on the spin, he'd be the same guy. He always follows the same structures and keeps himself very grounded and not get carried away by outside influences.

"He keeps it together and calm, and does what has always brought him success."