ALBION No.1 Mathew Ryan has vowed to go into extra-time with the Amex fans again against Everton on Sunday.

The Australian international was in the crowd at opposite ends of the stadium way beyond the final whistle following the home wins against West Brom and Newcastle.

Ryan stays behind to sign autographs and pose for photographs with supporters.

He told The Argus: “It’s just something I have done in the past. I like to give back. When I was a little kid, if I touched one of the player’s hands I’d be telling my friends for weeks and it would give me a lot of joy.

“If I can provide that to the guys who give up their money and time to come and support us and create that atmosphere then I am happy to give back.

“The West Brom game it was old Brugge fans that made me go over there. Against Newcastle before the game there was a gentleman sitting behind the goal with his two kids and in the warm-up he asked if he could get a photo.

“I’m in my game mode then, so I said after the game. I went back to search for him and the steward actually told me he had left!

“But when that happens, everyone is there and they start asking. You can’t say no. I just try to please as many people as I can, then I’m on my merry way.”

Ryan, who had a loan spell with Brugge in Belgium before joining Albion from Valencia in the summer, will not be extending his generous gesture to away supporters.

“Somebody asked me about the Newcastle fans” he said. “I tend to naturally block it out. There were one or two times when the ball went out near them.

“I went to pick it up and you hear little words, but for the majority of it I am trying to concentrate on the game and don’t take it in.

“Going into the away supporters would probably not be the best decision! I’ll just stick to our own fans.”

Ryan bids for a third clean sheet in six matches against Everton after travelling more than 30,000 miles for Australia’s World Cup play-off triumph against war-savaged Syria in Malaysia and Sydney.

He will be off to the finals in Russia next summer if the Aussies come through another play-off over two legs against Honduras next month.