Gus Poyet wants to see Bruno play for Albion in the Premier League.

But that means the Seagulls will be in a race against time to go up.

The former Valencia right-back, 32, scored and impressed in yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Bolton.

He has been one of the Seagulls’ best players this season, the first of his two-year deal.

Albion have the joint-best defensive record in the Championship but missed chances are hindering the club's promotion ambitions.

Poyet said: “I hope we can get enough players to make sure Bruno can defend the Brighton shirt in the Premier League and that it is not going to take us three or four years and Bruno will be 35 and we have to get another full-back.

“I think we need to start being fair with the players.

“He has a winning mentality. He was devastated in the dressing room, not only because he scored but because it is happening week in and week out.

“Especially when you are a defender and you are trying to do your best and you cannot win football games.”.