Albion are ready to strike a deal for Matt Sparrow to rejoin Scunthorpe United in January.

Sparrow’s cash-strapped former club tried to re-sign him during the loan transfer window in a low-cost arrangement but could not agree terms with the Seagulls.

Manager Gus Poyet said Albion were not Father Christmas but his mood has softened after the loan window came and went without a move for Sparrow.

Poyet said: “I think we are coming to a point where everyone is losing and we need to be more flexible, Matt, us and them.

“We are losing because we have a player we are paying week in and week out and not using. He is losing because even if he is getting paid he is not playing football and any other team, including Scunthorpe, are losing because they don’t have the player.

“I think we all need to be a bit more flexible in terms of an agreement and find a solution. Let’s hope we can do it in January.”

Scunthorpe chief Brian Laws said: “Matt I know so if he did come back to this football club, he would be coming for the right reasons. He’s got a bit in him which means he cares about this club. I know I would get what we need from him. However, it’s always down to finances.”