Premier League clubs might have to “just say no” after opting to change their summer transfer deadline.

That is the view of Albion chief executive Paul Barber after voting in favour of a shortened window in the top flight.

Clubs have voted to bring the deadline forward to the Thursday before the season starts, effective from next August.

That means they could close for incoming business three weeks before their counterparts across the Channel.

Barber has pointed to his own club’s rejection of big offers for players such as Lewis Dunk and Anthony Knockaert as examples of the resolve Premier sides might need to show.

He told The Argus: “There is now the risk that an overseas club could come in on the last day of the Premier League window and take a player, leaving the club unable to replace him.

“But, as someone said at the Premier League meeting, you can always say no.

“If you don’t want to sell and the player is under contract, you just say no.

“We have done it, other clubs have done it.

“You just have to get that player back in the right mindset to play his football.

“Most footballers I know will very quickly get back in the right mindset because they have to.”

Barber believes squad sizes will remain unchanged at 25 and that the deadline for registering them with the Premier League could still be at the start of September.

He said: “The next stage of the discussion will be the possibility of keeping the final 25-man squad list decision open until the other windows close.

“In that way, if you lose someone at the last minute to an overseas market, you will still be able to have your full 25.

“Those are the details which now need to be looked at.”