By Jan-Malte Wagener

Harry Kewell has suggested a complete reform of the system of transfer system after Premier League clubs decided to shut down the window earlier.

The Crawley manager has proposed a graduated system that would give teams from lower divisions the chance to bid for players.

The deadline for Premier clubs would be followed, a week later, by that for Championship teams.

The League One window would shut a further week on and the League Two market would be last to close.

The EFL will vote on closing the transfer window earlier on September 21.

Kewell told The Argus: “Closing the transfer window before the season starts could actually work for top clubs.

“But as we go down it could help if the Championship has one extra week, League One had a two weeks and we had three weeks.

“Options can happen for us because we obviously can’t compete at the highest level.

“We could just filter down as well so we can actually compete as well at the later stage.”