NICK Cave’s wife has spoken for the first time about the death of her son.

Arthur was just 15 when he fell from a cliff near Ovingdean in July 2015 after taking LSD.

His mother, Susie Bick, who is a fashion designer, spoke to Vogue about the intense grief she experienced.

Speaking to the magazine she recalls telling her musician husband: “Nick, I can’t do this. The Vampire’s Wife [Susie’s fashion label] is over. Everything is over.”

She said a week after his death she was unable to get out of bed.

In the end she said it was her work that saved her.

She described the breakthrough moment as being when, three months later, she was contacted by model Daisy Lowe who wanted a dress.

She said she threw herself into her work and spent the best part of six months working almost every day.

Most mornings, she added, she would spent time with a friend’s horse.

She said: “Having to show up, having something to do which was physically demanding enabled me temporarily not to think of anything else.

“Which is probably not healthy, I know, and one day maybe I’ll find a therapist to process it all, but to be honest, work is what has saved me.”

But while she began to learn to cope with the grief she said she became constantly fearful something would happen to her other son, Earl.

She said: “It’s irrational, I know, but that’s how you live after a trauma, constantly on the edge.”

Earlier this year her husband, 60, announced his intention to move away from Brighton as the city holds too many bad memories.

Speaking to GQ magazine during his Australian tour, he said: “Mostly, we just find it too difficult to live here.

“I don’t know how to say this really. Everyone here has just been so great and that’s in a way half the problem.

“When I go out in Brighton these days, there’s a sort of feeling that we’re all in this together. And it’s just a little bit too intense for me.

“It’s too many memories, really. We’ve really tried. But it’s just beyond us, in a way, to remain.”

Cave has lived in Brighton with his family since 2002. The Australian singer said the family plan to move to Los Angeles, California.