• Hastings fired up by Whites' snipes

    Hastings United manager Nigel Kane is aiming to ram Dover fans' jibes back down their throats tonight in their Ryman League division one south play-off semi-final. Confidence is high in the Whites' camp after just one defeat in their last 12 games and

  • Season starts here for sussex

    Coach Mark Robinson has warned Sussex's rivals: Our season has only just started. The county recovered from their annual mauling at Edgbaston last week to start their FP Trophy defence with victory over Somerset on Sunday. And Robinson is convinced

  • Cinematic Orchestra, Komedia, Brighton

    At the start of a sell-out tour to promote new album Ma Fleur, Jason Swinscoe's incredible band raised the roof with a turbo-charged rendering of music that comes across on disc as subtle and gentle. Their opener, from their 2003 soundtrack to the Soviet

  • Deep Purple, Brighton Centre, Brighton

    "You know," I overheard a man say after the Deep Purple show,"they weren't bad." Taking into account classic English reserve, I think he meant the hard-rock legends were pretty damn good. They certainly were. Singer Ian Gillan and co may be in their

  • Accused men grew up in British suburbs

    Jawad Akbar, 23, was born in Pakistan and then travelled to Italy where he lived with his family until they came to England when he was 12. His father worked as a catering company supervisor and his mother worked for Royal Mail. They lived in a large

  • Clampers turn on their own employer

    A motorist has been slapped with a £120 fine for parking outside his own garage by a clamping firm he hired. Dave Edwards, a 47-year-old project manager, and other residents of Dervia House, Palmeira Avenue, Hove, were so fed up with motorists blocking

  • The middle-class cricket-loving terrorist

    Economic deprivation, social exclusion and family breakdown are often cited as the underlying reasons for why increasing numbers of young British Muslim men are driven into religious extremism. But for Omar Khyam, 25, the ringleader of the fertiliser

  • MI5 denies overlooking evidence of terror plot

    As Operation Crevice wound up in the spring of 2004, MI5 officers began sorting through the mass of evidence they had assembled to check for leads to other plots and terrorist activity. It is routine practice at the end of all such investigations to

  • Events leading to UK bomb plot guilty verdicts

    These were the events leading up to the trial of seven British men accused of planning to set off explosions in the UK using chemical fertiliser. September 2001: Mohammed Junaid Babar leaves America for the Pakistan/Afghanistan border vowing to kill

  • Links with 7/7 bombers kept from jury

    July 7 bombers Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer's association with Omar Khyam was not revealed to the Old Bailey jury. The judge, Sir Michael Astill, said it would be too prejudicial for the fertiliser bomb plot accused to be linked to the men

  • 7/7 survivors demand inquiry after MI5 revelations

    Bereaved relatives and survivors of the July 7 terror attacks said the case for an independent inquiry into the atrocity was now "overwhelming" in the wake of the revelations about MI5's prior knowledge of the bombers. Rachel North, who survived the

  • MI5 'knew 7/7 bomber was terror target associate'

    The full extent of MI5's knowledge of the July 7 suicide bombers - and its failure to pursue them as priority targets - can be revealed for the first time today. The truth about the failure of Britain's intelligence agencies to investigate the 7/7 terror

  • Fertiliser cell created serious dilemma for police

    Police and MI5 faced a major dilemma when they decided to arrest the fertiliser terror cell. They knew they had to intervene in the plot to protect public safety but could not risk arresting such a large number of British Muslim men only to release them

  • Deadly fertiliser bombs used by terrorists worldwide

    Fertiliser-based explosives have proved their deadly effectiveness in a series of horrific terror attacks around the world. Provisional IRA units used the substance in bombing campaigns in Northern Ireland and against targets in London in the Nineties

  • Khyam boasted of links to 'al Qaida number three'

    Omar Khyam boasted of working for Abdul Hadi, said to be number three in al Qaida. But his journey into the confidence of the Islamic terrorist hierarchy began in the town of Luton, Bedfordshire, perhaps best known for its airport. Khyam went to the

  • Terror suspect discussed buying nuclear bomb

    Islamic terrorists were on the trail of a nuclear bomb which they hoped to buy from the Russian mafia. As efforts were made to negotiate its sale in Europe, a British terror suspect was asked: "Do you want something ready-made, something which will be

  • 7/7 links revealed as bomb plotters face jail

    A British al Qaida cell was facing massive jail sentences today for plotting a bombing campaign against the UK to rival the 9/11 terror attacks. The radical Islamic group's leader, Omar Khyam, was found guilty of conspiracy to cause explosions likely

  • City is top tourist spot

    Brighton has pulling power for overseas tourists, with foreign visitors flocking to the city, it has been revealed. A survey by showed it was the top UK destination, ahead of Poole in Dorset and Newquay in Cornwall. Blackpool and

  • Tories deny snub of green meeting

    The Conservatives stand accused of paying lip service to the environment after turning down the chance to be quizzed on green issues. An innovative event, organised by Friends of the Earth, will have one conspicuous absentee after the Tories

  • Tour firm's 'can do' spirit

    A holiday airline has been carrying the can to make flights greener from Gatwick. Thomas Cook has joined forces with the Travel Foundation, an independent organisation which helps towards sustainable tourism, on a pilot scheme to recycle aluminum

  • Web wonder visits students

    The founder of the website will visit Sussex University to give students and the business community the lowdown on its success. Sean Phelan, a former student at the university, will let the audience in on his business secrets and

  • Terrorist guilty of bomb attack plot

    A British al Qaida terrorist was convicted today of plotting a series of deadly bomb attacks on targets in the UK. Omar Khyam, who boasted of working for the number three in al Qaida, was found guilty of conspiracy to cause explosions made from chemical

  • Cirque Surreal, Preston Park, Brighton

    According to the Cirque Surreal press release, "Circus is dead - vive le cirque!" It's an appropriately surreal concept, given that cirque is the French word for circus. I couldn't help wondering, though, if the slogan might betray a certain

  • The Sunshine Underground, Concorde 2, Brighton

    Pop music in the Myspace age can be summed up using a wee bit of maths. If you divide the amount of talent a band has by the hype they get, the result is a decent indicator of their actual quality. Arctic Monkeys get a big number because, despite

  • Time to stop the sale of small arms

    Guns and the impact they have on civilians are seldom far from the media spotlight, and with good reason (The Argus, April 24). Their increased availability threatens life and liberty in communities and cities around the world, including ours.

  • What an earth is going on?

    What is it with Brighton that attracts the lefty, ecofriendly, greeny, arty-farty brigade? Not content with helping to destroy this once beautiful city with the King Alfred and marina developments, we now have the new kid on the block - "The

  • More plans for homes submitted

    Two more developers have submitted plans to build hundreds of homes in a town residents fear will be overrun with new housing. Applications have been made to build 197 homes on fields in the south of Uckfield and for another 100 at the site of a disused

  • Perspectives on our local politics

    In Hangleton and Knoll I notice that on their posters the Labour candidates are describing themselves as "Your Labour and Defend Council Housing Team". What a cheek. The real Defend Council Housing have a copyright on the name, I think you'll find

  • Why does city oppose nude lap-dancing?

    When lap-dancing club Rocco Mana asked for permission to stage fully nude shows last year its neighbours were outraged. Publishing manager Robert Nichols' campaign against the move was backed by councillors and the police. However, nude shows

  • 'Smoking areas would be too noisy'

    Plans for alternative smoking areas outside pubs have been turned down because they would be too noisy. Landlords across Brighton and Hove are concerned about the effects the national smoking ban, due to come into force on July 1, may have on their trade

  • The proper regulation of face-to-face fundraising

    It seems there is a great deal of misconception and misinformation that has found its way onto the letters pages of The Argus on the subject of face-to-face fundraisers in recent days (Letters, April 24). Despite what she says, it has in fact

  • Permit to travel

    So the whole of Brighton and Hove appears to need residents' permits for parking. It does make me wonder: all those residents with their permits, when they visit their friends or family or carry out their normal business elsewhere, where do they

  • Recycling around

    I am firmly committed to recycling and have been for some time, and fully support the Government's initiative to get households to recycle more. However, what is the point in us struggling to recycle the stuff we have, which is surely a very small

  • The terrible loss of loved ones to drugs

    I read the story about the girl who died from HIV after taking drugs (The Argus, April 23). Six years ago I lost my son to drugs. It was a bad time for all the family - my son had just had his 19th birthday. I feel for all the families who have

  • Eternal youth

    I read the article (The Argus, April 18) about the chap who was "one of oldest employees in Sussex" at 73. That's nothing compared to a lady I work with. She's a secretary in a solicitors' office in Hove, doing the same job as I do, and she's

  • Life without God

    A survey conducted recently by an agency working in partnership with Christian churches has confirmed that large numbers of people have abandoned religious belief. So it is appropriate that East Sussex County Council's registration service is

  • Tiger Army, Concorde 2, Brighton, Mon, Apr 30

    Three Californian psychobilly rockers you wouldn't want to meet down a dark alley. Formed in 1995 they've survived shakeups and shootings. Former drummer Fred Hell was shot in the head by armed robbers in Chino (the rough place where The OC's

  • Diver hopes to open museum

    A diver who discovered a shipwreck hopes to open a maritime museum and sealife centre. Paul Stratford, 41, of The Piazza in Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, is working on transforming the neglected Martello Tower number 66 at Langney Point into a Maritime

  • Smoker manages to kick the habit

    A forty-a-day smoker has given himself a new lease of life by kicking the cigarette habit. Bill Tinsley, 52, has not smoked for more than a year and says he feels he has been born again. Mr Tinsley, who is the stage door manager at the Theatre Royal

  • Makeshift mosque faces closure

    A makeshift mosque is facing closure as councillors are advised to take legal steps to stop prayer meetings taking place. The three-bedroomed house in Brighton Road, Horsham, is used by up to 80 Muslim worshippers at a time for Friday prayer meetings

  • Husband to face court on assisted suicide charge

    A 59-year-old man will appear in court today charged with murder and assisting the suicide of his seriously-ill wife. Robert Cook was arrested after police found the body of his wife Vanessa Cook, who had multiple sclerosis, at their home in Camber Close

  • Posh and Becks look-alikes try their luck in LA

    Posh and Becks look-alikes have been testing the water in Tinseltown to see how the celebrities will fare there. The Beckham's number one impersonators Andy Harmer and Camilla Shadbolt, from Sussex, flew to Hollywood for a television experiment. They

  • Conservatives look safe in Worthing

    Worthing Borough Council should remain under Conservative control at this election but the Lib Dems hope to take at least three seats off the Tories. Only 12 seats are being contested on May 3, one seat in ten wards and two in Castle. The Conservatives

  • Cox flattered to be a fans' favourite

    Dean Cox has revealed his surprise at being recognised as a favourite by Albion fans. Cox, verbally abused during the warm-up before the recent home game against Bradford, finished runner-up to Dean Hammond in the player of the season poll. The diminutive

  • Australian Pink Floyd, Brighton Centre, Mon, Apr 30

    These Aussie copycats have played at Floyd guitarist David Gilmour's 50th birthday party and drummer Nick Mason has said they play better than the actual band. Expect every facet of Floyd's career, from the Barrett era and experimental early-

  • ID fraudsters targeting Sussex

    Fraudsters are stealing the identity of hundreds of people across Sussex. Identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country as offenders steal another person's ID and use it to gain money, credit or goods in that person's name. Central

  • Labour look to youth in Woodingdean

    Woodingdean is likely to remain a Conservative ward on May 3. The two Conservative councillors, Geoff Wells and Dee Simson, have a string of local connections and a 1,500 vote lead on their nearest opponents, Labour. But Labour have won seats here

  • McFly, Dome Concert Hall, Brighton, Mon, Apr 30

    One of the only groups around which can still call themselves a boy band without the assistance of mood lighting or a syringe-full of dermal filler. While Take That and Westlife have stretched the meaning of the word boy band tighter than the skin on

  • No elections required in Rottingdean parish

    No elections are taking place for this parish council because nine people have been nominated for nine seats. But the chairmanship of the seaside authority will be up for grabs on May 8 after Peter Hampton's retirement. Three new members will take

  • Liberal Democrats hope to make gains in Wealden

    The Conservatives look certain to keep a strong majority in Wealden, one of the most rural districts in Sussex. They have a headstart on opponents with four of the 55 council seats being taken up uncontested. Roy Galley, Sylvia Martin, Jan Dunk