After an epic 100-mile, six-day trek The Argus Appeal walkers finally completed the last leg of their journey as they pulled into Beachy Head yesterday afternoon.

Two men who have walked every step of the way are The Argus editor Michael Beard and Andy Walters from Lewes.

The walkers arrived at Beachy Head at 2.30pm having left from Alfriston yesterday morning to complete the 13-mile hike – the shortest of all six days.

Michael Beard, editor of The Argus, said: “We’re all done and it was incredible.

“When we set out this morning we all thought it was going to be a scorcher, but as soon as we hit Seven Sisters this cool mist appeared and by the time we got to Beachy Head we couldn’t even see 50m in front of us.

“We weren’t really prepared for it, but it was nice to cool us down at the end and it was a good way to finish things.

“The highlight has just been seeing so much of Sussex.

“We usually spend so much time in a car that you don’t really see the real thing, so being out here and experiencing the countryside, the wildlife, people paragliding and everything else has been wonderful.

“It’s not until you get out here that you realise how green Sussex still is, the fields seem to go on forever, it’s a beautiful county.

“The camaraderie between the walkers has been a real highlight too and seeing people really push themselves was a joy. I was determined from the outset to finish the challenge and a few blisters and aching calves weren’t going to stop me.

“I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow and not having to get the plasters out and the socks and walking boots on.

“I’ll be putting my feet up, I think I’ve earned that.”

Another man happy to have finished was Andy Walters from Lewes, who said: “We are happy to have helped support the Appeal and the tremendous work it does to help those less fortunate in our community.

“Please support future initiatives that form part of The Argus Appeal.”

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