A REFUGEE programme has inspired a football club to do more to help.

Lewes FC took part in supporting Amnesty International's Football Welcomes month - a programme celebrating the contribution of players with a refugee background.

The Women's team wore candle-backed t-shirts for their matches against both Leicester City and Sheffield United, which took place at the Dripping Pan in Mountfield Road, Lewes, in April.

Lewes FC have decided to continue their support for refugees and have been in contact with the Launchpad Collective, which helps provide work opportunities for refugees in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas.

Elected director Karen Dobres said: "It's great to wear a t-shirt as it helps raise awareness, but we wanted to do a bit more than that, and we wondered how we could support refugees locally.

The Argus: Lewes FC Women wore shirts supporting Amnesty International Football Welcomes monthLewes FC Women wore shirts supporting Amnesty International Football Welcomes month

"We contacted the Launchpad Collective, and they said they would love to do something with us, especially as it would help their refugees embed into the communities.

"It has to be done quite sensitively; these people have been displaced and have to overcome a lot of obstacles in their life already. They are in a new culture and environment."

The club have offered their volunteer roles for refugees who want to integrate into the community and have something for their CVs. Abdul Rahman, who lives in Brighton but is originally from Eritrea, has been volunteering at the club as a steward.

She said: "Abdul came to the Dripping Pan, and we introduced him to everybody. We wanted to make sure he knew who everyone was and what they do at the club.

"He liked meeting the coaches as they were his age. This meeting helped him fit right in as he was able to relate them; it was really good."

Abdul has been helping with temperature-taking, reminding media people to wear masks, and disinfecting goalposts and balls. Although the club are not currently paying him, they are covering his travel fees.

Abdul said: "I want to thank everyone at the football club – everyone was so friendly, and I was made to feel really welcome."