A NOT-FOR-PROFIT community interest company that rehabilitates rescued horses and provides support to young people could have no home at the end of the month.

The Equine Gentling Community Herd, home to 13 rescue horses and two goats, helps animals that have faced neglect or abuse, and also provides equine assisted healing to support emotional and psychological growth for people.

However, the organisation has been given until the end of August to vacate the privately owned land they are on, at Edburton, near Steyning.

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Dan Corbin, owner and founder of Equine Gentling, explained that without a place for their animals, they will be unable to continue their work - in particular their collaboration with mental health charity The Hope Charity Project.

Through the Brighton Downs Alliance, Dan had been in consultation with the council about the future of roughly 13,000 acres of Brighton’s Downlands Estate.

However, a Whole Estate Plan, which was due to be published before tenancies were due to expire, has not been completed, resulting in Dan not being able to even propose a possible tenancy on the land.

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“For the situation we’re in, it’s just not good enough. We fit the criteria of what is coming out of the Whole Estate Plan, but they are not allowing us to because they have not finished it."

He added: “I have an NHS waiting list of young people who are getting sicker and sicker and not getting the help that they need - and we, as an organisation, could just be there and start working straight away as part of the community.”

Claire Sparrow, founder of The Hope Charity Project, added: “Desperately needed support services, like ours, that provide for the most vulnerable of the community are being overlooked.

“This is happening at a time, post pandemic, when the extent of the mental health crisis in our young people is at an all time high and sadly this is reflected in a rise in suicide rates. We need to find a home where we can help these young people and their families.”

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With the August 26 deadline drawing closer, Dan is anxious about where his animals will have to go if they are unable to find somewhere suitable in time.

“It’s a question that keeps me up at night,” he said.

He encouraged residents to sign their petition to the council, demanding they consider them for a farm tenancy.

“We are in desperate support of the people of Brighton because the Council are not listening.”

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A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “The Equine Gentling and The Hope Charity are not currently tenants of ours.

“We are aware of their interest in taking up a farm tenancy with us, and have already been in contact with them regarding their specific property requirements.

“The Whole Estate Plan will help guide future decision making, but the key factor is having suitable and appropriate land available to let.

“We don’t currently have any vacant properties or properties due to become vacant soon.

“We will be happy to notify them of any appropriate opportunities in future, and we wish them well in searching elsewhere for a tenancy that fits with their immediate requirements.”

Find the petition by searching on 38degrees.org.uk