A GROUP of teenagers have taken to TikTok to highlight their campaign to raise awareness for period poverty.

The National Citizen Service (NCS) teenagers choose the subject for their social action project after research showed them that there was not enough awareness surrounding the topic in their community.

They began by setting up a dedicated TikTok account explaining period poverty and the best ways for it to be tackled.

Some of the videos have amassed up to 150,000 views and the account has gained over 1,300 followers.

They use trending sounds and relate them to their chosen content, ensuring the videos are watched by a larger audience.

The Argus: Brighton NCS teenagers raise awareness for period poverty in new campaign

"We decided to use TikTok to promote the message of period poverty and ask for donations, and the response has been incredible," said Lola, a member of the team.

"This is all new to a lot of us and it's great to see that we are making a difference, there have been great conversations and debates in the comment sections which shows that people are opening their minds to the situation."

The team have been out and about campaigning in Brighton by making signs, sticking posters around the city to gain donations on their go fund me page.

It has also received four boxes worth of period product donations to give to charity Off the Fence.

So far the teenagers have raised over £450 for the cause and are intending to continue their work at the end of the programme.

Lola said: "I think there are a few of us who are quite keen to continue the work and make sure everyone keeps on learning about period poverty and continue to help out."

The group has encountered some obstacles along the way as many shops refused to let them advertise or campaign outside their premises.

However, they managed to secure a partnership with local supermarket Hisbe and have left donation boxes and QR code posters in the shop.

The Argus: Brighton NCS teenagers raise awareness for period poverty in new campaign

"I'm really impressed and heart warmed to see a group of 16-year-olds come together and be so passionate about something, they have worked together so well as a team considering that they didn't know each other before NCS," said NCS team leader, India.

"It's something I can see them continuing together, they already have a new website in the pipeline. A lot of them want to make their community a better place for their future."

Videos and further information about the cause can be found on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook by searching @BrightonPeriodProject.

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