THOUSANDS of refugees are fleeing Afghanistan as part of an evacuation by withdrawing British and American forces.

However, the large numbers of people seeking to get out of the country have been urged to leave the area around Kabul airport and an explosion has occurred outside the area with an unknown number of casualties.

The distressing scenes and reports from Afghanistan have provoked a spike in searches on how people in the UK can help.

These are the ways people in Brighton and Hove can support Afghans arriving in our city and across the country, as well as those still trapped in Afghanistan.

Donate clothes and essentials

Care4Calais, a volunteer-run charity helping refugees in the UK, France and Belgium, is accepting donations of clothes, shoes, phones and other essential items for Afghan refugees.

The charity has a drop off point in Hove, with details of how to donate items on their website.

Volunteers for the organisation have already been inundated with clothing donations, with supporters sorting through numerous boxes and bags donated by the public for refugees housed in the area.

Make a financial donation

The British Red Cross have been on the ground in Afghanistan providing relief and support into the most isolated areas of the country.

Financial contributions to them would help them provide food, water, shelter and basic medical supplies to the region.

Unicef is also working to provide vulnerable children and families in the country with life-saving supplies.

The charity said that £43 can help them provide a family with an emergency water and hygiene kit.

Save The Children also have their own emergency fund to support the children of Afghanistan, after hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes in a matter of weeks.

The charity also fears the prospect of a severe hunger crisis after Afghanistan fell into its second drought in four years.

Volunteer time for a charity

If you are unable to donate money or essential items, you can volunteer for a charity in Brighton and Hove that is supporting the refugees from Afghanistan.

Oxfam, the Hummingbird Refugee Project and Care4Calais, amongst others, all offer volunteering opportunities for those wanting to help make a difference.

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