With its proximity to London, glorious sunshine (most of the time) and its world-renowned seaside, Brighton attracts many people from across the country as a place to live and study.

But what things can new people need to know when moving to our city? Brighton residents on Reddit shared their thoughts - we have compiled a list of some of the best top tips.

Enjoy the sunshine on the less-known beaches

We have all seen how busy Brighton beach can be when the sun comes out in the summer, with thousands flocking from across the country to our city, so it’s no surprise some Brighton residents have sought quieter places to catch some rays. One Reddit user said they have been heading to Rottingdean for a less busy beach to relax.

It’s "Hove, actually"

If you’re moving to Hove for the first time, you are obligated to correct people if someone asks if you live in Brighton, another user explains. They added that failure to do so will lead you to be forcibly evicted from Hove. One Brighton resident joked: "Brighton, Hove actually, Portslade unfortunately."

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Be prepared for weirdness

One resident Redditor said: "Whatever ‘weird’ you have experienced in the past is very normal here. You have to be spectacularly out of this world weird to register to the regular Brightonian."

Another resident on the site told a story of bringing his wife, then girlfriend, to Brighton for a visit.

"We were doing all the tourist traps and walking from West Street to the pier, and it turned out it was Naked Bike Ride day. She was as much astonished by my complete lack of reaction as she was by the bike ride.

"She has since become equally used to weird."

The two divisive topics - seagulls and bike lanes

With ‘prehistoric’ seagulls on the loose across the city and heated debates over bike lanes, one resident said that having strong opinions on both of these important issues is an absolute must.

Meanwhile, another user warned against feeding the seagulls; judging from how they dive on anyone who decides to have fish and chips by the seafront, they probably don’t need the extra help…

No such place as the North Lanes

To save embarrassment, any new person calling Brighton and Hove their new home should know that there is no North Lanes or South Lanes - with one resident making it clear that it is The Lanes and North Laine. They added that a requirement of living here is to never miss an opportunity to correct people on this if they get it wrong.

On a similar note, another user points out: “It’s pronounced Lewis, not Le-wes.”

Support Brighton's independent pubs and restaurants

Smaller businesses have had a tough time during lockdown, so there is no better time to drop by and enjoy what some of Brighton’s independent eateries have to offer. One user in particular highlights Brighton’s many independent burger places - with Uncle Sam’s, Grubbs and Burger Brothers, you can’t go wrong; and there’s plenty of vegan options available too!

Be yourself

Perhaps most important of all the tips people shared, however, is to be yourself. Brighton and Hove is a welcoming and tolerant community of people and no matter your background or what interests you have, you are bound to fit in and find others just like you.

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