BRIGHTON is the city in the UK in which residents care most about their physical wellbeing.

According to a new survey conducted by Simplyhealth, 52.24% of Brightonians said they now care more about their physical wellbeing since the pandemic.

Sheffield (50.75%), Plymouth (50%), Glasgow (48.98%) and London (48.20%) made up the remainder of the top five.

Across the UK, only 13%% of people signed up to a gym, wellbeing app or health plan during the pandemic.

But in Brighton, 28.36% of people signed up to these types of monthly subscriptions.

The remainder of the top ten was made up of Nottingham (47.17%), Leeds (46.55%), Newcastle (45.65%), Southampton (45.45%) and Manchester (44.97%).

As well as ranking top in terms of physical wellbeing, Brighton ranked 11th in the top 20 UK cities for mental wellbeing.

Nottingham ranked first, followed by Sheffield and Plymouth.

Simplyhealth clinical director Catherine Rutland said Covid made many people reassess things we previously took for granted and reshaped the agenda around health and wellness.

“It’s encouraging to see that so many people, particularly those in younger age groups, are remaining focused on their overall health, but it’s surprising that relatively few pay monthly premiums for plans that can help support and maintain this,” she said.

“In fact, in our experience, healthcare plans can really benefit younger, working adults with busy lives who value the convenience and cost certainty they provide.

“Looking after your wellbeing isn’t always easy at the moment, so it’s really important that people are fully aware of the different options open to them and their families, and the benefits these can provide.”

The survey of 2000 people aged between 16 and 82 found the most popular subscription joined during lockdown was entertainment.

Half (50%) of respondents reported paying monthly for video streaming services, followed by music and audio streaming (27%).

Furthermore, 18% of people reported having food, drink and beauty subscriptions. Yet only 13% of people reported paying monthly for life insurance, or a health or dental plan.