A QUEER affinity group marched the streets of Brighton as part of a Reclaim Pride protest.

The Reclaim Pride Brighton protest began at 11am at The Level in Brighton.

The organisers did not publicly release the route prior to the protest, but after several speeches, protestors marched from The Level down London Road before heading towards Old Steine.

From there, they marched towards Brighton Station, down Trafalgar Street and finished back at The Level.

Protestors at the front of the march held a banner which read ‘Queer existence is resistance’, which was also chanted throughout the protest.

The organisers of the event said the purpose of the protest was to “take Pride back from corporations, cops and banks”.

“And fighting for radical queer liberation, as exemplified by our housing, healthcare, home safe chant.”

A number of police officers were in attendance.

The Argus: Protesters gather at The Level in Brighton. Credit: Jason SensationProtesters gather at The Level in Brighton. Credit: Jason Sensation

Prior to the protest, Reclaim Pride Brighton released a ‘Protest Tips’ guide for those attending the march.

These tips included bringing water and snacks, wearing comfortable clothes and a mask, planning a route to and from the protest so you’re never alone and knowing your limits.

A statement from organisers also said: “The police will most likely be present, despite our best wishes. We shall not have this deter, divide or intimidate us.

“Use signs, umbrellas and flags to block their surveillance cameras.

“The streets are our voice. We take up the space. At the same time, we keep each other close, especially our more vulnerable protesters.

“We must make sure our actions do not endanger others or impair their accessibility.

“Do not talk to the police, especially the blue bibbed officers: they are there to gather intelligence on you. You do not have to give any personal details

“But most importantly. Have fun. Be loud. Be proud. Be ungovernable.”

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