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Covid-19 has changed the world in ways that none of us could have imagined. The coronavirus and the lockdown it necessitated have caused tragedy, but have also prompted our communities to pull together in new and inspiring ways.

This page is our tribute to those who carried on bravely: those working on the front line, raising money for charity and helping their friends, relatives and neighbours; and, of course, those loved ones we have lost.

If you know someone who you want to thank, praise, remember or pay tribute to, we would be honoured if you were to leave your messages, poems, stories and artwork here.

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The curfew tolls the knell of passing Tom,
Who came into our lives a splendid way
A gentleman has left and sadly gone,
We thank you Tom, for cheering us this day.

By Keith

By F davies

I would like to pay tribute to all keyworkers during this terrible pandemic. You have sacrificed so much of your time and in some cases, your lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

By Sandra Taylor

Clap for Carers

In that unwonted time of separation,
Suspended in our bubble, we lived remotely,
Staged a simulacrum of life on screens;
Though vile deaths flickered there, vicariously.

At dusk a trumpet sounded when the Clap began.
Along the shuttered street, amazingly,
Doors gave birth to people,
Scores applauding where they stand.
We waved to neighbours, whom we hardly knew,
Felt good about ourselves,
For giving thanks where thanks were due.

Did you clap? Did your saucepan sing?
Or did you ... nothing find to give?

C J Arthur

By Chris Arthur

By Fay davies

RIP Chris Turnham..
You really were one of a kind and a fantastic friend to me, always had a cheeky smile and made me laugh on days I didn't want too.
Rest well my friend xx

By Carrie Jones

My Nan, Iris. Beautiful soul

By Sporty sue

While i haven't lost anyone to this awful virus i wanted to send my deepest sympathies to everyone who has. I am so sorry this has happened to you all, may everyone who has sadly passed rest in paradise, gone but never forgotten.

By Kate


David Leggett. Adored Husband, Father, Grandad, Brother, Uncle and friend. We all miss you so very, very much. All our love for always and forever.

By Marian Leggett

By Mrs Tarnya Ticehurst

The life of one we love is never lost. ...

By Telly

Douglas penfold passed away on 21/12/20
Husband , dad , grandad and great grandad .
Missed so much .
Lots of love always
Rip xx

By Diane south