In the same way some people can make an item of clothing look special just by adding a single accessory, others can transform a room in a trice with a little re–arrangement and the addition of a few eye–catching items.

Even if you're not a stylist or a decor diva, it's perfectly possible with a bit of effort and a modest budget, to work your own magic on your rooms.

"Anyone doing up a home on a tight budget should remember one little designer secret – the power of budget basics,” says Julie Savill, author of 101 Finishing Touches (BBC Books, £4.99).

“Almost anything you can think of, from tableware to bed linen, can be found in plain and simple ranges and for a fraction of the price of their fancier, patterned counterparts.”

Some people do have the happy knack of being able to sling a few apparently unrelated things on a shelf, somehow making an eye–catching arrangement, but if – like most of us – you need a little help, follow the experts' guide to desirable details...

Glass distinction Mirrors reflect light and are an excellent way to give an illusion of more space, alter the proportions of a room, or emphasise specific features. “If you love something, it's fine to buy in bulk. A range of eye–catching Venetian style glassware, with its different sizes and mix of frames and mirrors, makes a terrific display, and a collection of hand mirrors can also look stunning,” says Savill.

“Don’t overlook the garden, a mirror fixed to a wall or fence will make a plot seem larger, or create the feeling of an intriguing, unexplored space.”

DESIRABLE DETAILS: Dunelm’s mirrors are suitable for every location, including a Venetian–style Dressing Table Mirror, £39.99; and the Loire Collection Arch Mirror, £34.99, which can be used indoors and outdoors.

Upholstery update As we all embrace colour and want to bring unique style to our rooms, there’s a return to trimmings for soft furnishings, from sofas to curtains.

“If you’re looking to add a touch of glamour, try adding a braid to the skirting of your sofa or armchair, or apply modern rosettes to the corners of your furniture,” says Emily Peacock of Samuel & Sons, specialists in trimmings.

DESIRABLE DETAILS: Good designs and lyrical names feature in Samuel & Sons range, such as Harbour Serpentine Braid, £39 a metre, and Harbour Crown Knot Frog, £32, all of which give va–va–voom to upholstery. There’s no shortage of glamour in the collection at The Unique Seat Company, specialist upholsterers who offer a wide variety of braids, trims and fringes. An Extravagant Heavy Hot Pink Fuschia Curtain Tie Back With Diamante Detail, £55.

Just for fun Decorative objects that make you smile and gladden your heart when you see them are always worth treating yourself to. Not only do they add personality to your home, they could boost your wellbeing!

DESIRABLE DETAILS: Look out for ordinary objects given a different twist.

A Wellies Umbrella Stand or Vase, £95, in white ceramic, Out There Interiors, could add a humorous touch for a hall or conservatory; while a gilded picture frame is actually a Renaissance CD Rack, £149, Store.

Make a tea break special with a Key Handle Mug, from £18, Great British Designs. Finally, remember flying ducks? A pure white Bird Wall Decoration, £14, BoConcept, meanwhile could help your spirits soar.

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