Every week there seems to be a new healthy lifestyle fad out, a new diet or exercise regime; many fall by the wayside almost immediately, but one that has stood the test of time is cycling.

Particularly it seems in the Brighton and Hove area, taking inspiration from London and its many Cycle Super Highways, which saw Mayor Boris Johnson invest £50 million into making the City’s streets safer and more easily navigable for bike riders.

Local residents are embracing the subsequent change of pace and taking up cycling in their droves, not only as a serious sport, but also recreationally and even as a mode of transport for the commute to work.

Last month saw the hugely popular annual London to Brighton bike ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation and 14,700 two-wheeled tourists descended on the area, highlighting just how popular the pastime has become, not to mention the number (1.5 million people across England) who cycle on a daily basis.

According to CyclingUK.org, those who cycle to work annually take one day off sick fewer than their colleagues, saving the British economy a whopping £83 million and adding two years to their life expectancy. Conversely, a lack of regular activity in adult lifestyles costs the NHS £7.4 billion.

It is no wonder then that Public Health England suggests that “the creation of environments that support active living is seen as crucial to building more physical activity into everyday routines.”

Brighton and Hove, despite the hilly terrain, is determinedly creating these environments and in the process becoming a hotspot for cycling, with a plethora of shops, clubs and blogs dedicated to the sport.

The council is continuing to add new cycle lanes and bike hire facilities to the road networks, making it as simple as possible for residents to take up the sport. Across the country there are more and more safety measures being put in place to encourage people from of all ages and all walks of life to enjoy the lifestyle and health benefits that come with cycling.

Hyde New Homes is keen to promote this lifestyle. Its New Wave development, conveniently located on the axis of Newtown Road and Goldstone Lane, is a five minute cycle from Hove station and only twenty minutes from Madeira Drive, the finishing line of the iconic London to Brighton bike ride, now in its 42nd year.

The development offers the best of both worlds with the seafront and the bustling city centre of Brighton also only minutes away.

Positioned in a tranquil part of town, and with ample bike storage facilities, the selection of one, two and three bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom townhouses offer the perfect oasis for the cycling enthusiast, with prices starting from £305,000 for an apartment and £575,000 for a three bedroom town house. For more information visit www.nw-hove.co.uk