If you have never considered buying a new home before, there are many benefits you might not have previously considered. Mishon Mackay New Homes sells exclusively new and newly converted homes, and is perfectly placed to advise you.

Firstly, when you buy a new home, you can move in as soon as it is finished. With no upward chain, there is no wasted time waiting, or repairing, redecorating or re-modelling your home, and some developers even offer you the option of personalising your home before it is built.

Secondly, you can relax. Home buying is usually stressful, but almost all new homes come with a 10 year New Homes warranty. The warranty guarantees against unforeseen problems, so you can avoid waiting for lengthy and expensive structural surveys. In addition, safety features such as fire and smoke alarm systems and electrical circuit breakers are standard, which further reduces the chances of anything going wrong.

Thirdly, your new home is energy efficient, reducing your bills and carbon emissions. The average new home is up to four times more energy efficient than the average traditional home.

Fourthly – the location. Most developers are targeted to deliver a sense of community, by adding parks, play areas and landscaping for the benefit of residents while delivering homes more in harmony with the environment. New Homes developers think carefully when choosing a site, considering access points and the impact on the surrounding area. Most new homes are therefore built in sought-after areas, close to shops, transport and services.

A new home brings minimum stress to the moving process. With no upward chains to worry about, and incentive options including part-exchange, Help To Buy or a variety of assisted purchase schemes the process is usually much simpler.

And finally, one of the biggest benefits of buying a new home is the ethos of ‘contemporary living for everyone.’ Whether you are retired, a first time buyer or have a growing family, new homes are designed to use the space efficiently and meet the needs of modern day living.

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